A few months ago I was invited by Euzema Skin Care (@euzemaskincare) to test their super product, I say super because their proposal is incredible, according to them, their product promises to solve any (or almost all) skin, on the company website or even on their Instagram you can see several before and after people who have used the products, the various skin problems and their results after some time of use. As it was a product that promised a lot I decided to test for a longer time, to be sure of the results. Of course, I photographed for you and I'll show you the result, but hold on a little bit.

I want to list for you the positive and negative points about the product, so it is easier and each one decides whether the product is for you or not, making it clear that the Euzema product is not a Brazilian company, it is here in Brazil it is only online, inside the company website you can find the sales points of the same.


   First we give the good news, do not we? Who identifies you
Good, the product is a kind of a gel, for those who have more oily skin is great, because its texture is great and does not get caught on the skin, my skin that is well oily adhered very well to the product and stayed along of the day very dry.
  The action of the product is fast, with a few weeks of use I could already notice the difference, my skin evened the tone very fast and the spots that I had because of old pimples were softening a little, in fact still are, because the product not yet finished.
Another advantage of the product is this, it lasts well, little product is enough for the whole face. The price is also pretty good, $ 97.00, of course it is not a cheap product, I'm not saying this, bad if compared to other treatments for skin the value is very similar, after all we have to use more than one product to have the desired result, ie depending on the problem you can spend even more, which here, with only one product you may have problem solved.


  As everything in life has two sides the only defect of this product here is that the smell is not so pleasant, in fact it even bugs a little when the application is carried out, but after about 10 minutes the product already adhered by the skin what makes me Me, it pays.


   I, Thamy, tested the product on my face, because so far is where it most bothered me, the product can be used on the skin in general in the problem you are presenting so if you have any burn spot, allergies or other problems can count super with this Euzema product, the delivery is made super fast, less than a month and the results start to appear in the first weeks of use, if you are one of those who have tried everything to save your skin and still did not get any type of solution, there, take advantage of today's tip and test friends I'm sure you'll love.

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   P.S: This post was sponsored by the brand, but all the information contained in it is true and the opinion of the blogger and 100% personal and impartial.

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