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Today's post is more than special, we have a collaboration with the NewChic store and the post today is a matter created by them, I assure you that it is very interesting and it is very worth making use of your translator out there not to lose no detail.

Halloween is coming! In this very best day for carnivals throughout the year, how could Newchic miss a super favorable promotion to our dear fans! In Newchic Halloween carnival, there is no trick, only treat for our customers. What Halloween gifts have been prepared? Ready to please your eyes~
  1. Buy more, save more in bundle sale. What you need in Halloween is a set of items but not only a piece. Vampire fangs, bloodstain necklace, cosplay cloak… Since missing one is not complete and not scary enough.

  1. Free shipping for tons of choices. From cosplay costumes, Halloween image printing hoodies, facial mask to Halloween style home decoration, you can enjoy the super low prices plus free shipping for the types you want.
  1. Buy one, get one 50% off! You think there are only certain discounts in Newchic Halloween promotion carnival? But Newchic is giving you more! Besides the great discount for the first item, the second purchased item will enjoy a 50% off.

  1. Candy collection game. Once you register the membership, subscribe the NC news, write the reviews or download the NC app, you can get the corresponding ‘candies’. Then you can exchange for our coupons for shopping with these candies.
  1. The biggest discount ever! In the last week of Newchic Halloween promotion, the goods can enjoy even 70% discount! Give your pet a Halloween accessory too. Also don’t forget your makeup to create a entire Halloween look. Stop hesitating, smart top sale item doesn’t wait!

   Agora já podemos voltar ao normal né? kkkk

Eu espero muito que vocês tenham gostado da dica, até mais...

Este post foi inteiramente produzido pela NEWCHIC.

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